UK Partner and Family Visas

Find out whether you can come to or remain in the UK as the partner, child or elderly dependent relative of a British National or settled person.

  • Spouse visas - This category is applicable to couples with a registered marriage such as husband or wife.
  • Civil partner visas - This category focuses on same sex partners who have registered a civil partnership.
  • UK Defacto Visa/Unmarried partner visas - The Unmarried Partner visa applies to both heterosexual and same sex couples provided that they are able to prove that they have been living together for two years.
  • Fiance visas - This category allows British Citizens or Settled persons to apply for their Fiance to come and join them in the United Kingdom.You must intend to get married or register your civil partnership within 6 months of your Fiances arrival in the UK, and intend to settle here together afterwards.
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To find out if your partner or family member qualifies to enter and remain in the UK under one of the above visa categories, contact us today. In the mean time please select a category from the left.

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